July 7, 2010

FIFA World Cup 2010

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there comes the time again,
when i suppose some major percentages of people in the whole world are intense about the Same One thing, FIFA World Cup 2010 ..
sometimes when i think about it, isn't it very nice, people all over the world regardless of age, gender, hobby, and other interests can connect to one thing in common --- the round ball ...

as for myself, it's a fun thing to follow ,
not to mention some less sleeping times during the period, but i don't mind...
watching lots of handsome talented macho man play the game -- such fun, it keeps me awake,
watching some of the dramatic moments they made throughout all those games -- all mixed feeling, the joy, the anger, the crying, etc.

mostly, i follow all the games especially of course when favorite team play ...

as the ball is round, so some new surprises here and there, i love it because it adds more colors to the usual predictable forecasts. Few big team such as the winner and runner up of the Previous FIFA World Cup doesn't even make it to the next round, such an irony, and they lost by underdog teams, believe it or not.

although i knew from the start that my favorite teams won't enter the final match, but they are still my dear teams:

  1. always, wherever, whatever, whenever ---- still in love with Korea (South Korea). Btw, this time North Korea made it to the elimination round, what a surprise ...
  2. Japan,
  3. USA .. (US team is pretty new in soccer, but they made a good impressions)

2 of them are from Asia, i was happy when both of them go forward to the big 16th round, although none of the three continue to an-eight round, but it's great enough already.

so, do you have any favorite football team in FIFA World Cup 2010?

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May 30, 2010

"Dari Hongkong"

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Setahun belakangan ini (kalo ga salah ya) sering sekali kita denger istilah "Dari Hongkong". rata2 sih penggunaannya kata ini lebih kepada pengucapan kalimat yang berupa sanggahan atau celaan begitu. Susah juga mendiskripsikan kalimat apa yang sering menggunakan istilah ini, karena pemakaiannya sering banget diucapkan.

contoh penggunaan kata "dari hongkong" yang sering kita denger biasanya spt ini:

A : mau liat film XYZ gak, filmnya bagus lho...
B : bagus dari hongkong... ga tuh, filmnya bertele2, banyak ngomongnya..

ada lagi contoh lain:

X : Eh, traktir2 kita makan donk, kamu khan kerja mulu, pasti lagi banyak duit nich...
Y : banyak duit dari hongkong..... kamu aja ah yang traktir, aku lagi harus hemat nich...

kemaren lebih lucu lagi, short cut cerita cuplikan dari conversation aku dan seorang ibu.

kasir bertanya :
"ibu, lasagnanya sudah dikasih?".
si ibu agak sensi dan bilang :
"lho, tadi di depan bilang suruh ke kasir dulu... dapet lasagna dari hongkong..."
aku yg lagi mendengar tersenyum sambil bercanda :
"setau saya lasagna dikenal dari itali ya, bu, kalo dim sum baru dari hongkong."
deg-degan juga takut si ibu tambah marah, untunglah dia tau aku berusaha untuk bercanda supaya situasi jadi santai, ketawalah si ibu dan beberapa orang dibelakang ibu ini...
kata si ibu :
"eh, iya, ya... abis keseringan dibilang dari hongkong, jd latah deh..."

Entah kapan istilah "dari hongkong" ini mulai muncul
Siapa yang mempopulerkan istilah "dari hongkong" ini pertama kalinya
Kenapa istilah "dari hongkong" ini bisa jadi menyebar luas,
tanpa disadari, istilah ini sekarang sudah menjadi bagian dari our daily conversation

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May 23, 2010

Frozen Yogurt

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I grew up in the period of regular milky ice cream,
probably those ice cream was part of the contribution to my weight now (hehehe, blame it to the ice cream)
Some lists of my favorite ice creams during those days maybe include:
Baskin Robin, Haagen Daaz, Ben & Jerry, and for local brands the most favorite ones are Walls and Campina.

Not too long ago, maybe 1 or 2 years back,
we are started to be introduced with so called: Frozen Yogurt,
which actually had been there but only had little shares of its lovers.

The thought of frozen yogurt at the first time was not very friendly-accepted for me,
i can quickly mention SOUR as the word equivalent to it, which i happen not to like soury taste.

Along with time, more and more new brand names are being popularize in the frozen yogurt business, even started to partly cover up the regular milky ice cream. Frozen Yogurt obviously came in the right time now a days, since people are started to shift their eating habit to more healthy food.

Even though i am still basically ice cream lover, the existence of frozen yogurt starts to tease me and appealing in several ways.

More brand names such as the most well-known Sour Sally, Red Mango, and some locals one like Heavenly Blush, etc. especially since the frozen yogurt itself showed up in attractive and appealing form. The idea of able to combine some of my own favorite topping, becomes one of the attractive selling point too.

So there it is, Frozen Yogurt which now becomes One of my Must-Eat-Item whenever i go to the mall, Fro-Yo exists and becomes one good alternatives for people who likes to enjoy ice creams but don't want the extra fat that goes with it, and it certainly taste good too.

I once attended a wedding party, where I found one frozen yoghurt stall in replacement of the usual home-made ice cream stall. It's completed with the yoghurt dispenser and various of topping choices. And the queue .. man, it's a very long queue. Everybody wanted to get a cup.

When one franchise opened its first outlet, it became the talk of the town instantly. They'd tell it your face you hadn't lived if you didn't give it a try. Even for those who're never interested in fermented-milk before. No matter how overrated and overpriced it was. People looked really cool eating big-sized cup of yoghurt with mountain of toppings.

But now you could see it's not that popular anymore. Outlets are getting quiet. They're starting to launch promotions here and there. Still quiet. People do get bored. And it goes back to the basic of consumerism. Price. Value for money. Should people take yoghurt for health, and you know that health is not cheap, there would still be a long queue at these outlets. But that's not what happens around here recently.

Frozen yoghurt is not a case of healthy eating habit. It's simply a case of trend. I, no matter how much I love yoghurt, I'd take ice-creams better anytime. @)-->-----

May 22, 2010

Idols' Birthday

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Different views on this one, some view it as rather weird when some people are very enthusiastic trying to be a part of our favorite's idols birthday celebrations.

Birthday is definitely a very Special Day for anybody and there are many ways for a celebrity in celebrating the birthday. Just like anybody's birthday, some just do it at home with family, some do it with closed friends, some celebrities want to share the day with the fans. They deliberately make time to celebrate their special birthday with their fans who has support them all the time.

Same with the birthday celebration, fans also have many ways to response to their idols birthday. Some of my friends voluntarily spend much money to fly away to other country to be at the birthday celebrations. (this may as well includes me, although i don't go too far from here).

As for myself, I've been to several Idols' Birthday Celebrations, from my Indonesian favorite idols to my international favorite idols, from being just a participant in their birthday party to be one of the birthday party committee...

Personally i felt very satisfied to be able to be closed and at the same time giving a little contribution to my idols at their special day - a different kind of feeling that words can't truly described my joy and satisfaction, even though the idols obviously do not personally know who i am, but i was usually very touched when i listened to their speechless talks and their sincere eyes thanking the fans for being there at the time and for the fans' continues support...

It became very memorable to me when i was a part of the committee and made a Birthday Celebration for Jang Dong Gun, one of the few well-known Korean actor a few years back. Sharing the same stage with him, being side to side with him, singing and clapping the "Happy Birthday" song to him with thousands of other fans... It was definitely The Most Remarkable Memory that I had experienced so far.

Some other international favorite idols that I've been to is : Kwon Sang Woo, another handsome n talented Korean actor when he came to Indonesia, and the other one is Taiwanese actor & singer, Alec Su, this time I even went to Singapore to be at his birthday party. These two are also memorable, although i was just being a nice guest. It did pay off too when in the middle of the thousands fans, i was able to get Alec Su's signature on his cd.

More realistic and closer was Delon, my first favorite Indonesian idol.
From some of Delon's Birthday celebrations which i attend or be a part of it, the one which stands out the best was when he celebrated his birthday three years ago maybe ~ celebration at the foster homes with around 500 kids, not just singing but also playing with them, giving and bringing smiles to kids face. The Celebration itself is very simple, humble, but i can sense the real sincerity of him.

Those were obviously the Moment of Truth and The One and Only Moment for me.

Any kinds of birthday celebrations would be meaningful and valuable
as long as the purpose behind the celebrations is
about sharing love, attention, and support.

On the other hand, there are also some do it
for the purpose of boosting up their popularity, such a pity.

Hopefully, none of my favorite idols did it for the last reason.

Nice post, Bec!

Celebrating idol's birthday can be very inspiring. Bless them. But there are also some who celebrating their idol's birthdays in un-responsible ways! Shame on them.

Now, did I have a memorable celebrity's birthday celebration? You bet I did. As a matter of fact, I have a few.

For me, it is not about throwing a party or doing some charity on behalf of the idol. I value the idea of "being inspired" to do a good thing for others.

I've only been involved in two birthday parties of one idol. First one was on May 2005, I had to deal with media. The second one was on last May 2010, had to deal with kids. Tell you what. I could say that my involvements were kinda eventual. Wasn't there at the beginning, but pretty much was there till the very end. All in all was damn fun.

Idol's birthday party is usually good, regardless how chaotic the preparation was. Perhaps that because of there's so much tolerance around, and the idol too will be pretty much in a better mood.

And I just love the idea of attending a celebrity's party free of charge. @)-->-----

May 2, 2010


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There are many ways people celebrating their birthday. Some choose to do it with their friends, some with their family, some with their own existence (don't get me wrong, I mean it as a self-closure, not even a sign of narcism). Some will do it with respect and fully alert of their achievement or failure in the past years. Some will do it with no care about the world.

Well .. whatever our choice is .. birthday is the best time to be ourselves. To do whatever we want to do. To dream about anything we didn't dare to dream before. Give ourselves a break, a slack. It's a day for us to be very happy. To feel young, eventhough our age cannot lie. @)-->-----

Youth is happy because it has the ability to see beauty. Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old. ~Franz Kafka~

Quote from Jul: "whatever our choice is .. birthday is the best time to be ourselves" ..... yup, yup, yup... very true...

Birthday just passed me two weeks ago... it feels that when it comes to birthday time, feeling of happiness & freshness always around (maybe it's temporary for the day only, maybe it last for a week or so), no matter what the condition is in that specific day, when we have more money to throw on the 'birthday celebration', or when we don't have any money at all...

For me, no matter how i enjoy the sensation & the xtracare of people around me greet me with the birthday wishes, or even throw me the 'birthday celebration',
My Best & Favorite Moment is always
'the birthday time with myself' ~ usually before going to bed,,, :::
time to stop, rewind, refresh, and think for a while, how's my life for the past year which just went by, the achievement or even the failure, thankful for how's my life turn to be or even vice versa ...

"Let our lives be pure as snowfields, where our steps leave a mark but no stain."
~ by Mme. Swetchine

Note: Ema is not posting. Because she is the birthday girl.

April 25, 2010


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There's a story about one autistic family having dinner together. Dad was on his Blackberry phone, Mom was texting on her Blackberry, Son was playing DS (probably still too young to have a Blackberry). Once they were done with their meals and gadget activities, they went home. No conversation occurred. Blackberry should have a new motto: "BLACKBERRY. MAKING DISTANT PEOPLE CLOSE AND CLOSE PEOPLE DISTANT". (Anyone needs a translation, feel free to buy me a Blackberry and I will BBM you the translation).

Blackberry is a huge and successful invasion. It has expanded its basic function from emails to chats. From executives to teenagers. From working purpose to just a lifestyle. Couple years back, having a Blackberry was a privilege. Now, it's just a common cheap gadget. Some people once claimed they didn't need a Blackberry. When they finally surrendered to the technology, they just couldn't live without it. It's a gadget accommodating life, not the other way around. Blackberry is a new synonym of "soulmate", "addiction" and "lifestyle". Everyone else without one looks so out of this world. Ouch! I quote: "Life is much simpler when apple and blackberry were just fruits". @)-->-----

I am not a "fashion-victim" type of person, look at me and you'll agree in a second! :) However, this BB is now my must have gadget that without it I'd be lost. Let's list why I love BB :

  • Office email is fast and easy
  • Keyboard is similar to PC, easy to type
  • Big screen for a presbyopia like me :p
  • Connect with family & friends, anytime-anywhere
  • Great sounds and visual features. Important! I store many songs and videos of you-know-who :)
  • Mole Words - Words Puzzle Game, love it!

The only complaint I have with BB is that it's bigger and heavier than my SE980i, but that's OK. You will not just slip it in your pocket, as we are all go around with a handbag, rite?

Moi?? very much not a trend follower, not in fashion, not in gadget also,

owning blackberry was in the thought once or twice in mind,
meaning it queues up after several more important wish-list of mine...

yet after several deep thoughts on it,
i don't see much use in me of owning that...
(or at least for now,,,, don't know later on, hehhehe)
or was it becoz i didn't know yet the real feature that everybody was soo deeply attracted to..

this is what the answers i got from friends when asking about multiuse of blackberry,

  1. Cheaper than regular phone ... (hhmm,,, this reason gets me thinking rather seriously, then i wake up,.... i spend around Rp 150000 to 200000 monthly in the regular handphone, i don't think using blackberry will get me cheaper than this and fortunately the handphone allowance from office still covers for this amount -- so this doesn't apply to me)
  2. Quicker & faster way to send news/messages .... (hhmm, really, i regularly use the sms/text message method, and not really having any problem with the speed of its delivery --- so this doesn't attract me, either)
  3. Connect with friends quicker ... ooo, for this reason, even my Chatter Partner, ema, also have this on her list.... --- (for me again, i don't really see the difference between BB and the regular handphone)
  4. Quicker access to facebook and twitter.... (hhmm, my samsung phone also can have direct access to facebook. --- not much different than mine now).
  5. One other thing is about the small keypad that doesn't fit in too well with my big fingers.

12 to 18 months ago when somebody's status or messages have the small notes written down : sent by blackberry, whether i admit it or not, i think it's quite exclusive...
but now, even my children friends have blackberry, it doesn't seem as exclusive and as privileged anymore...

btw, has it ever bothered you whenever, wherever, whatever the occasion is, people just played with their blackberry,,, when they talked to u, when they eat, in a meeting (thank, God, my office colleagues are not blackberry-craze), almost everywhere...

that's about blackberry and me ....
BB definitely not in my wishlist,
however different with the stylist elegance I-Phone... hehehe.... still in my wishlist

But, Don't get mistaken, i am not a blackberry dislikers, and I don't dislike my friends using it either, it just doesn't click with me yet at least for now, it's a matter of one's choice for her/his lifestyle.

April 12, 2010

Chatters Construction

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Do you realize when one woman is talking, the world gets to be a whole lot noisier?

Now, try multiplying that by three.


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